Junque Food: only serving the bright side of life since 2020

You know that feeling when you're at that quiet little pizzeria, about to dive into your fav deep dish pizza with your bestie, getting giddy while you gossip right before you dive into that cheesy goodness? We agree, there's no better feeling. That fill your heart up with goodness vibe is exactly what we are serving at Junque Food: helping you feel light hearted and playful with bright, fun and comfy products.

Anything to make you feel like yourself again

The past few years have been HARD for everyone from that mama that is making it through the first few months of baby life to the healthcare hero that is working double and triple shifts to keep others healthy. Everyone has those hair days that make you want to avoid mirrors, but with Junque Food accessories you can feel confident in your look hour after hour with comfy hair accessories that help keep your hair looking the way you want it.

Meet the maker

I grew up with entrepreneurial parents who were either hustling a paper route to be home with the babies or selling cars out of the front yard to make ends meet. When I grew up I wanted two things: a family and a business I could call my own.

Along the way I learned that I didn't just want to have a business to make ends meet, I wanted a business where I felt like I was helping others and where I could share my passion for body positivity. In 2020, I started to make and donate masks to healthcare heroes to help with something I knew how to do – sew! From there Junque Food was born.

A name so sweet it makes your teeth hurt

Junk food is traditionally a naughty word – don't eat junk food, it'll rot your teeth, make you gain weight, blah blah blah. I took the idea of something that is meant to be negative and wanted to make it all about positivity. Because girl, you deserve that donut AND that cute headband, mmmkayyy.

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