Let's Get into Overalls

Holy WOW! I posted a short video about making my first pair of these cutie patootie strawberry overalls and so many people loved them. Like REALLY loved them. So I wanted to start giving updates on where I am with posting these for sale. 

Right now, I have created a page with all of the sizing charts I have for these adorable overalls for both women's and children sizing. You can start looking at what size is right for you here! Beyond that, I want to make ordering these super simple but also customizable, because as you know these are handmade, which means made to order, which means you can tell me all about how clothing fits your body best, so that I can make clothes to actually fit you!

All of my overalls are going to be made to order and I won't order any fabric to make them until YOU place an order. That means less fabric waste and all the good things for the environment. It also means a little longer production time, which is why I'm going to ask you to wait up to five weeks for your super duper special pair of overalls to be produced, here's how that breaks down on my end:

  • 10-15 days fabric shipping window
  • 10-15 days production window (me making them ever so beautifully just for you, with all of your specialty requests)
  • 3-7 days shipping window to you (your overalls are beautiful and on their way via USPS!) Please note, this window can be longer varying on your location (I'm shipping from Loveland, Colorado)

So what's next? I still would like to take really amazing photos of my sample pair of overalls on myself and my kiddos (hello adult and child sizing!). From there, I will get more emails and content posted about them so you can start shopping!

Of course these won't be my only style, I'm already thinking up so many options in my little notebook and making up some as quick as I can to expand my offering, but please be patient, as I am a one woman show 👏

Above all, thank you for being here, thank you for getting giddy with me over bright colors and cute styles, and THANK YOU for inspiring me to keep going every single day.

XOXO, Logan


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